Monday, June 26, 2017
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Words a Muddled Mess

Sitting, thinking, pondering again
I wait for my mind to settle, rest the ole’ brain
You see for years I have wanted to write: blog, articles, media and more
But sadly like many, think my words will just bore.

As I am ageing, I think ‘why the hell not’
I can cross the t’s and i’s, remember to dot
So this is my first, I hope one of many
Business verse, fun learning and merry!

I’ll try out new words, try to remember my English
Ask for help when I need it and try not to talk gibberish! (well not too much)
Research my uncertainties, share my knowledge
My lifetimes findings may be too much of a sacrilege

If I can do this, then anyone can
Come on folks, you start with a plan
Which topic, news, something of interest?
Then sit back, relax you’ll find you will worry less

Nothing is perfect, goodness, just look above
Do I care, not, for off come the gloves
It’s time to start unmuddling the words
Let them flow fully, not just a third

Today I’m just saying whatever my minds streaming!
My face you can’t see but is has been beaming
I’m chuffed I have done this, it’s now time to finish
My concentration has started to diminish

I rest my pen here, ok, my mac
For now I know, I may at last be on track.

By Jacky Workman

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